Designed by Fried-Jan Unger and awarded by “Good Design® Award” The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd – Phi-ton is a bed in a new dimension: floating without a sub-frame, in a perfect symbiosis of design, luxury and health. No sub-frame, no free accessible moving parts, no possibility of jamming, no danger of hurting oneself. The advanced patented technology is invisibly incorporated. The Phi-ton bed has a self- correcting steering unit controlling the movements of all segments.

Whether set up in its basic horizontal position or in one of the almost unlimited variety of other positions: Phi-ton Bed always distinguishes itself with its floating design. Using the optional vibra-massage will further enhance this unique experience into what can only be termed the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

The Phi-ton 3D-mattress, another proprietary Phi-ton development, is like the bed: different from all others. Made from highly functional 3D braided fabric, it enables a combination of all requirements that make for a real comfort mattress: optimum pressure distribution, unsurpassed ventilation and hygiene and high durability. And, it is 100% recyclable.