The wood waste and off-cuts from factories are being put to good use by designer Amy Hunting. She has created a furniture and accessory line which includes a chair, a book box and 12 lamps. The wood waste was collected from factories in Denmark and glued together prior to being made into her distinctive eco-friendly designs. The pieces are not screwed or bolted in any way.

Her book box design is a highly versatile bookcase as it can be used in different positions. When it is flipped upside down, the legs create additional shelving. Flipping it on its side gives another permutation of shelving. The book box can be stacked one on top of another. Wall mounting is another option.

The 12 lamps were actually created from a single block of reconstituted wood. Each lamp was carved out of the block with the latter diminishing in size until there was nothing workable left of the wood block. – Via