Have you ever had to gently refuse your mother’s or grandmother’s old-fashioned hand knitted work? However much you appreciated their skill, knitted accessories just won’t do for the trendy, modern look you’re trying to achieve for your home? Perhaps you might change your mind after seeing the “300 Knitted Carpet” created by German designer, Sebastian Schoenheit.

His carpet was indeed hand-knitted but he used gigantic knitting needles nearly as tall as he is. Perhaps he learnt how to knit from his grandmother. If so, she did a great job for his stitches are even and well-formed. It must have taken not just strength to hold the needles to knit but also a long time to get through the work. I’m not sure what the “300” meant but I suspect it might be the actual number of stitches he knitted before falling down in utter exhaustion at the end!