There is nothing more mesmerizing than watching the flames in a fireplace on a chilly night. However, fireplaces are usually set in the wall of a living room or consists of some fire pit outside in the garden. This means you have to be where the fireplaces are in order to enjoy them. Wouldn’t be nice if you could have a fireplace wherever you are? Now you can. Here are two portable and flue-less fireplaces that you can use either indoors or outdoors. Put them on the floor, the patio pr even a shelf or table top and you’ll have an instant fireplace.

The Travelmate by the German design firm, Conmoto is a black powder coated steel design which uses biofuel in a hidden tank. To light the fire, just remove the glass pane which is held in place by magnets. A stainless steel slide on the front of the fireplace regulates the flames by opening or closing the fuel tank.
The Uni Flame is also another German design which resembles an aquarium. It costs 998 Euros and although the product datasheet lacks the information, it likely also uses environmentally friendly fuel like the Travelmate. Both designs certainly offer ambiance in stylishly compact designs. – Via and Via