There comes a time in our lives, when we need some time alone. And where can we do that better than in the middle of the nature. Architect Emilio Ambasz knew all these and in 1975 he designed the House of Spiritual Retreat (Casa De Retiro Spiritual).

Built on a 1,000 ha estate, the Book House is located just 25 miles (40km) north of Seville in Spain. Surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Morena mountains, in a Spanish countryside scenery, with a man-made lake, olive trees, evergreen oaks and wild flowers, the picture is close to perfection.

Two steep cantilevered staircases climb on the two tall white walls that rise like sails from the lush green ground, only to meet at the right place, a window that offers a great view of the whole area and especially over the lake. The most interesting thing is the mysteriously sunken courtyard.That’s where the actual house is. It has large rooms with hidden arrangements and light coming in through serpentine openings that will blow your mind.

That’s quite an artistic vision and Ambasz materialized it greatly. Check out the video below. – via UltimateHouse