If you enjoy being in a houseboat floating down a river by green meadows then you will like this floating houseboat designed by Russian architect, Vladimir Plotkin. The structure was built for the Arch Stoyanie Summer Festival 2008 in Nikola-Lenivets village, Kaluga, Russia. This summer’s festival theme was “Noah’s Ark”. The houseboat was actually floated down a gently meandering river in what looks a pastoral landscape.

There are two sections to the houseboat. The raft portion is meant for activities such as sunbathing and socializing. Simple poles provide steerage. A raised giant disc-like structure holds the living quarters and access is via a couple of ladders and through portholes.

The interior shows comfortable living quarters for one with lattice walls for privacy and ventilation. Sunlight streams in through the round portholes above and provides natural light. The light coming in through the latticework casts pretty shadows inside contributing to the idyllic atmosphere of this delightful houseboat. Via