The cabinets made by Dutch born designer, Joost van Bleiswijk is the antithesis of the flatpack furniture for they are not screwed or glued together. His collection of No Screw, No Glue cabinets as well as other items such as a serving tray, candelabra, lantern and even a trophy are all made of stainless steel. The high sheen of the furniture comes from the all polished stainless steel construction. His magnificently large (and heavy) wall cabinet functions not only as a storage unit but also a fireplace and altar. Although it is a contemporary style, van Bleiswijk pays homage to centuries of past cabinet designs.

Each of his designs is typically constructed from over a hundred different elements. His other cabinet which he cheerfully calls “Big and Heavy” for example is made up of 142 parts. He has been concentrating on his No Screw, No Glue collection for four years and says the designs are becoming more complicated and architectural with time. His furniture is not only sleek but durable. Stains are not an issue as the metal is not porous and neither will it rust. However, transportation and installation of such large weighty pieces might be just a little tricky. Via