It doesn’t matter how hard times get, people will spend money on their children. Parents will throw bus loads of money at anything they think will help their children perform better in school, to get ahead, to go to a better school, to get ahead, rinse and repeat.

Simon Dennehy has something parents can buy their elementary school children for the coming school year. Furniture designed for elementary school children! It used to be that inventors came up with ideas, mass marketed them and hope it caught on somewhere. These days, niches are big enough to be mass marketed. Furniture for kids, primary school kids is a good idea nonetheless. This desk and chair set takes care of the correct posture and the correct chair height to ensure a healthy back and to reduce problems like poor digestion, nausea, headaches and poor circulation.

Seriously. Why wouldn’t parents want what’s best for their kids so their kids can perform well? Ventilated slots in the seat and backseat, legs that protrude to the back, elbow rests, hollow-section polycarbonate rests, non-slip, easily-cleaned and the list can continue. Ergonomy for children in a practical way.Now, can they make kids study, too? – via Tuvie