At Freshome we really enjoy furniture that can twist, bend or turn, to get a new shape for different purposes. Take the Huggy armchair for example. Normally it has a mattress that is wrapped inside a small cylindrical wooden base, like the ice cream in a cone, to form a 77 x 60 x 60 cm comfortable armchair. However if you need to come up with a solution, if your friends decided to stay overnight, you can change it into an extra bed. Just unscrew the base and roll the mattress on the floor, you’ll have a 190 x 120 cm perfect bed.

The Huggy armchair can even be changed into a small table. Turn the base upside-down and voila, you have a 60 cm diameter, 40 cm height and 12 cm thick, useful night table. It shouldn’t be very expensive and could easily be done by yourself if you have some time to kill. – Via