After last month we saw that Brad Pitt will design an eco-friendly hotel Dubai Infinity Holdings just announced that Karl Lagerfeld will design 80 residential homes for them, including a limited-edition design on Isla Moda, the world’s first dedicated fashion island, set in the iconic development, The World ( one of many man-made islands being created in Dubai). In conclusion Chanel fans and fashionistas will soon be able to live a high-style life in homes designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The first stage of development of the homes will begin next year, with an expected completion date of 2012. Sale prices were not disclosed, but the spokeswoman said the haute houses will be available by invitation only. Mr. Lagerfeld will focus on interior designs. I assume that the prices will have a high price because of the brand …and I’m also wondering how the brand will be displayed.

Now here are a few words that he says in a press release : “The metamorphosis of art and beauty is my passion. The discovery of contemporary mediums of expression has allowed me to pursue my interest in art, beauty, architecture and progressive cultural exchange. Dubai is a fashion bud on the verge of blossoming into the next fashion hub of the world. The city is alive with culture and rich in personality, making it a perfect place for aesthetic, fashion and design to flourish. Isla Moda has tremendous potential to be the style icon of the future and I intend on driving the island to high style stardom.” – Via