The Sqish is a camouflaged receiver which blends in with its surroundings. This idea would be successful years ago when rooftop antennas were much more common, when they dotted the roofs of neighborhoods and quickly became an eyesore. As cable become more prevalent, the number of rooftop antennas began to decline. With satellite TV becoming very popular now days, we’ve come full circle and the rooftops are once again covered with contraptions, this time satellite dishes. The Sqish comes in white firstly, but can be totally camoflaged to match your wall by using a digital photograph and a sticker which can be obtained at purchase (£25), making it impossible to see from a distance.

The camouflage receiver may also prove useful to households whose satellite dishes regularly become home to nesting birds, the activities of which can interfere with the quality of the TV signal. The Sqish costs £149 and an extra £25 for the matt-finish camouflage sticker, and if you are interested you can find more about from here.