Mosaics are great additions to home decor, not just for floors and walls but tables. Mosaic tiling on tables is not new but many of those you come across would not suit a contemporary style. So it is delightful to see the work of designer Brad Teasdale, co-founder of Brooklyn Glassworks, NY. He is ” the pioneer of exclusive techniques that blend contemporary concrete and glass design with classical mosaic craftsmanship.” His nested tables are an example of that skill. It is made of concrete, kiln formed glass and stainless steel and demonstrates his artistry with contrast and placements.

For those who prefer the warmer tones of wood, his custom designed Colourshapes table shows his versatility with mosaics on organic material. Overall this is one designer who is able to combine art with utilitarian function. Teasdale does custom installations of a wide variety of tile applications including furniture, architectural features and fine art. He could be called a modern mosaic master. – Via