Ouch. With oil selling at record prices, filling up our cars at the pump really hurts our wallets these days. Global demand, especially from rapidly growing economies like China and India, is far outstripping our capacity to produce enough oil. So it makes more and more sense to curb our dependence on crude. Perhaps a good way to remind us to change our oil guzzling lifestyle is this gold tone oil can tea set made by Designcommando (Germany). The designers called their creation Beautifuel Life because “We all have a beautiful life that is given to us by oil and fuel.”

The coffee service is porcelain. For the exclusive series, the oil can is covered with real gold. It is painted gold for the normal series. The gold colour serves as a daily reminder that the cost of oil may as well be in the same category as the precious metal itself. So each morning you pour your favourite beverage from the oil can pot, you will be conscious of draining supplies.