Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Mexican designer Ximena Orozco once needed a pillow case. All she had on hand was a old felt jacket. She loved the soft warm fabric and was loathed to take the jacket apart so she slipped the pillow inside instead. It was an eureka moment. She then went on to design more jacket pillows but incorporated zipper openings to make it easier for owners to insert or remove the pillow.

Each 100% wool felt jacket pillow is unique in its styling and its embellishments. She names them after people she really likes such as her friends. So her creations have endearing names like Senor Chuzo and Senora Juli. When you unzip the jacket to reveal the shirt fabric covered pillow, a little tag can be seen. It commemorates the person who inspired the design. You can purchase these jacket pillows on her website Urbanatics which supports independent designers. The Jackets retail for #170. – Via