Staircases are often neglected in homes. After all they have a utilitarian function – a passageway to go from one floor to another. Yet, they deserve more visual impact. As Melissa from Sugar City Journal wrote, it’s all about “elevating the mundane“. She was inspired by an older interior decorating book by Alexandra Stoddard which promoted the concept of taking the least inspiring and unattractive spot in your home and turning it into your favorite corner.

What she did was to scan a pretty fabric onto her computer and added personal touches to the picture with Photoshop. She printed the pattern on regular sized paper and glued them together. After laminating the paper, she glued them onto the risers of the stairs using Modgepodge. She says, “If you look closely when walking up these stairs, you might see a few familiar faces hidden amidst the damask. A simple way to bring a smile, as I walk up and down these stairs, one hundred times a day.” So simple, yet effective both visually and for the family budget! Via