Remember your grandmother’s Chesterfield couch?Old fashioned floral fabric and frills may have put you off but those buttons were a nifty design feature. Well, now you can have your own updated button couch. The Star System of modern sofas shown here were designed by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone and were recently presented at the Milan Furniture Fair. They are part of the Giovannetti Collezioni, known for their innovative furniture design. It is easy to see why they called their collection the Star system because those buttons are reminiscent of stars at night.

The designers described taking the chester classic sofa and transforming it into a “radical monoblock sculpture.” The “chester classic block” designs come in deliciously vibrant candy colours – purple, blue, red, fuschia and basic white, enough to make you all starry-eyed. The rolling curves and sculptured shapes of the Star and SuperStar make for plush and wide seating. The Starlet, the swivel armchair is the smallest of this starry collection.

The furniture pieces are constructed from double density polyurethane foam. The wide patented steel buttons are removable to allow easy laundering of the stretchy fabric cover- something you cannot do with traditional chesterfield sofas. Five stars for this innovative feature! – Via