Modular carpet tiles are the way to go for a beautiful yet customizable focal area for your living space. New from are these drop dead gorgeous designs by Alexander Girard, the renowned textile designer. His La Fonda del Sol celebrates folk art designs like you’ve never seen before – whimsical sun shapes in must-have colours to warm up any neutral decor. The most useful feature of modular carpet tiles is the ability to add more than one set for total design flexibility. Mix and match from their different design offerings. There are three main colour selections – the Verde, Mandarina and Azul. If the larger designs aren’t your cup of tea, then try the smaller scale Pequeno which has nine sun graphics in one tile. Like the other tiles, the Pequeno tiles can be built up to cover larger surfaces.

All the tiles come as sets of six for an affordable $160 per set. The tiles are soft as the designs are printed on closely cropped velvet. They are thus easy to clean. A damp cloth will suffice for most surface spills but being modular means you can pick up any soiled tile for washing in the sink! So they are definitely suitable for kitchen or eating areas. Via