If you have a small bathroom you should plan carefully your space. One thing that you can do is to replace the radiator with a  nice looking stainless steel towel warmer that would heat the bathroom as well as the towels. Ok so where’s the space saving? You can use the wall-mounted towel warmer to double as a radiator and fit it on the wall over the end of the bathtub. This would save a lot of space because the radiator would now be on a wall that would otherwise be doing nothing. This wall-mounted towel warmer is also very userful if you hate stepping out of a hot shower. Here are also a few words about this product on the website from where you can purchase it : “The Snake 50 Towel Heater is one Scirocco’s uniquely designed towel-heating radiators for the bathroom. The heated water is hidden behind chrome-nickel plating and steel to create a hot modern sculpture.” – Via