Earlier this month I’ve presented the Vitamin I.V. Plant Pot an interesting and good looking self watering plant pot. Today I’ve discovered something more extreme, a very geeky and sophisticated plant pot named Pet Plant and designed by Junyi Heo. This plant pot is for those of you who are so busy that they might need a reminder to keep their plants alive. In a few words this concept plants pot shows us how the plants truly feel. The very sleek looking pot measures soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and water calculates those variables based on the need of said plant, and expresses its condition via a series of pictograms on an LCD display. The plant pot will be able to download via an USB interface from a computer all the information about a rose, herb, …whatever, and tell you exactly what the plant needs. Finally the design looks cute, but if every single thing from our house will be depended on electricity our planet, and budget will have to suffer a lot. – Via