After I’ve presented the Pulse Bookshelf ,Måns Salomonsen the designer of this bookshelf contacted us to show us another interesting project named Spine, and here are his words. Spine is the result of a project to make storage furniture whit at least two drawers. I wanted to have the challenge to combine metal and wood in to a modern and elegant design. A part of the challenge was to work whit balance and make the furniture stand on just one leg and make the drawers almost look like they float in the air. It should make people stop and think about how it works. The pedestal follows the curve of the metal stand in the middle, so do also the drawers inside. And if you have two or more of this spine furniture the design should make it possible to fit them together (don’t really work whit this prototype).

The handle on the drawers are under the front so you can’t se them. All the wood work is made in a traditional way and the metal is also al made by hand. The finish on the metal is made by hand so the brush scratches follow the curve of the stand. This furniture is close to art and a much of the work was to get the curve feel right, it should have a smooth flow the whole way from the bottom to the top. The drawers and pedestal are made of am. white oak, and the bottom off the drawers and the Swedish oak. The finish is made whit 3 layers of Danish oil. The metal stand is made of 2mm sheet metal put on a thicker metal skeleton in the middle. After the finish by hand whit sand paper there is one layer of dull varnish.