A German company called CarLoft presents an innovative way to solve nightmare parking problems, that can also would be good for people who are tired of having their wheels trashed or stolen. Basically the idea is that you drive your car in to a big lift, which then takes it up to your flat and you drive it out on to the balcony to park, you can see how this work from the pictures below. Now if you’ve ever felt that your car should sleep inside, not in the garage, then CarLoft has just the loft apartment for you. A glass wall separates your elevated garage from your living quarters yet still allows for friends and family to appreciate your wheels. Plans are underway to have CarLoft living spaces built in such European cities as Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg, among others. The lofts, which range in size from 2,411 sq ft to 5,802 sq ft, start at EUR 450,600 ($536,844 US).