Hyder Consulting decided to amaze the whole world with a structure that will be twice as tall as the Burj Dubai, according to a consultant involved with the project making it by far the tallest tower ( skyscraper ) in the world. Considering the Burj Dubai will rise to 818m, the new tower will be over 1,600m tall, making it the world’s first mile-high tower. The architects are not sure (or at least, they’re not giving details) about where the amazing 5,250-foot-tall structure will be built – only, that it will be somewhere in the Middle East region. I don’t think that we really need something like this, but when some people want to amaze they try all kinds of outrageous things. Anyway I’m sure that the view would be amazing, but also if you stay at the “n+1” flor you’ll spend some time just to come back to the ground. – Via – Bldgblog