I know that the winter is almost over, and the fireplaces are not used so more anymore but this Coffee Table with a built-in eco-friendly fireplace is a piece of furniture that is perfect for a contemporary interior. The GF-160 fire coffee table model, is made of natural veneer wenge and covered with the polyurethane varnish for increased durability, making it resistant to water, alcohol and high temperatures. The table comes inclusive of a lighter with extended tip and decorative stones. This table is a mobile fire solution without any installation or a chimney, which can be set in any desired space, even in the middle of a living room. The lighting of Planika Fire is extremely easy and safe as it uses FANOLA fuel which is not accompanied by fumes or smell. Only water vapour and CO2 are emitted – in proportions similar to those contained in the air exhaled by humans. – Via – Bornrich