Villa Nackros” was designed by Swedish architect, Staffan Strindberg, and is situated in the town of Kalmar on the east coast of Sweden. Villa Nackros offers a spacious, contemporary living environment that combines all the luxuries of the modern day home with the spatial freedom and unrivalled views that only waterfront living can provide. The 12×12 metre Villa has six rooms and a kitchen, a total of 178 m² of living area, 125 m² of terrace and 74 m² of windows but is crammed with technologies to enhance your lifestyle and create an ambience of tranquillity and harmony with nature. Nackros Villa sits securely and stably in the water with its 165 ton constructed weight and is impervious to wind, waves and winter ice. In conclusion a floating home like this is great. Just image yourself right now …waking up and taking a morning swim or just sitting on your floating home deck sipping a glass of wine while the sun sets on the water.

Via – Arkinetia ( Spanish )