After we just presented and interesting way to Add an Additional Room To Your Apartment today here is another interesting alternative, but this time to add an additional space to your house. London based architectural practice Turner Castle has unveiled a unique extension and remodeling of a 1950s end-terrace house in South London, referred to for its unusual use of timber cladding as the Slat House. The modular timber extension wraps around the house and peeps through the adjacent trees of the rear garden and provides access onto the side terrace.

The driving design concept was the extension as a lightweight ‘box’. Timber cladding was specified as a practical necessity to reduce the load of the building on its new foundations, but also for aesthetic purposes, to harmonize the extension with its wooden surroundings. The width of the red cedar panels defined a module by which all window and door openings were determined. This rigor adds to the strong exterior appearance of the building. Large windows are situated at both ends of the building, visually connecting the new building to the garden. – Via – Coolboom