Jon Heller from Happycatlights sent me an email to present his little personalized lamps business that he and his wife started. Happycatlights produces desk lamps that are 8x8x4 light boxes, made of a sturdy white plastic that gives off a warm glow from the bulb inside. What makes these lamps unique is the hand-carved design on the front, which is chosen by you. Now if you want a personalized lamp you just send a picture of a design you would like for your lamp, and they will give you a quote for how much the design will cost. After that if you order, they then hand-carve the design into a hard stock paper of your choosing – they have a selection of solid and patterned paper for you to choose from. The design is then placed on the front of the lamp, and covered with a transparent plastic faceplate to give it a finished look. Most people like to buy this kind of personalized lamps as gifts, as they are hand made and completely unique. Others have used them to decorate their living rooms or personalize their workspace. The lamps start at $45, and you can have your unique lamp with your own design just like in these pictures below.