DNA 11 is a service that creates an abstract and original piece of artwork from a simple sample of your DNA. Each piece of DNA’s art is unique, as it illustrates your very own DNA make up. Using science and art cleverly combined, DNA11 collect a saliva sample from each client which is then delivered to their certified lab. Here your DNA is extracted, creating a unique fingerprint. After that you’ll just have to choose the size of canvas and the colour combination you wish to use, and create your own DNA Portrait. And remember, if you’ll become famous be sure that a piece of art work with your DNA will worth millions. – Prices range from $390 – $1200+

Fingerprint Portraits™ are made obviouslyfrom your fingerprint. DNA 11 sends you a Fingerprint collection kit that includes: a Fingerprint collection card, easy to use ink strips, and step-by-step directions. Once you’re done you just send the kit back to DNA 11’s art studio. When they get your Fingerprint collection kit they will scan it using a special high resolution scanner. The scanned image is then traced in a separate program and the image is adjusted by hand so that every ridge on your finger is clearly illustrated. We then take this electronic image and magnify it up to 4000%. It is then printed on Archival quality canvas. Comes in three sizes ranging from 12” x 12” to 40” x 40”. Prices range from $190$490+

KISS Portrait™ – Finally, a kiss is more than just a kiss! With a DNA 11 KISS Portrait, your lips become fine art, baby. DNA 11 will send you a lip-print collection kit featuring a M·A·C VIVA GLAM Lipstick and plenty of KISS image sheets so you can capture the perfect image. Choose the combination of color, style, size and frame that suits your personality. and décor. For this portrait there are 2 sizes available: 20” x 20” ($290) and 40” x 40” ($490).