CASULO is a complete set of room furniture designed by Marcel Krings & Sebastian Mühlhäuser, which can be set up in less than ten minutes and later disassembled and repacked like a standard Euro pallet of 80 cm by 120 cm. No tools are needed in the process. In the first picture this set of room furniture it might look like a simple and small 31″x47″ (that’s 80 cm x 120 cm) box, but inside this box, there’s an armoire, a desk, a height-adjustable stool, two more stools, a six-shelf bookcase, and a bed with a mattress. In the second picture you can actually see what this little box can become, and if you don’t believe that this is possible scroll down, and at the end of this post you’ll see a movie where you can actually see how this little box will become complete set of room furniture. – Via – Treehugger