Buenos Aires Province/Argentina – Mar del Plata will have its first wind-powered building. According to its developers this building, called Cefira (whose name refers to the Greek god of wind from the west) is the first sustainable energy in Latin America. The complex, which will require an investment of $ 4.1 million and will be ready by next February. The wind generator (costing about $ 15,000) was built INVAP and produces an energy of 4.5 kV, allowing you to save energy when there is no wind, more than enough for the building’s common-spaces requirements.

The eight-storey building was designed by Mariani-Perez Maraviglia architecture studio, but was a project of two young entrepreneurs: Francisco Moreno Ocampo economist (29 years old) and the manager Franco Tocagni of 28.

The tower also optimize the use of natural energy available for the layout and size of the openings. To capture more sunlight, windows occupy over 80% of the perimeter and the lights of common spaces will have intelligent sensors ignition. In addition, the system will be used slab radiant heating with individual temperature regulation and to heat or cool environments will be taken special care in the thermal insulation in walls and fences.

For those who will live here, this building will mean a saving of ecological 15% in the cost of the expense because the system provides for the distribution company ASDP receive the energy produced and the amount credited to the account of the consortium.

Moreno Ocampo one of the entrepreneurs who started this project said : “We intend to make environmental awareness and more than a real estate business with this. The idea is to generate a benefit to society and serve as an example. Once we demonstrate that this possible, we want to be copied. Chances are that such towers becomes trend because it is not an expensive or troublesome project and provides many benefits.” – Via – Official Website & La Nacion ( Argentinian Newspaper )