Made with German engineering, the award winning, contemporary Moonlight Sound globes stylishly conceal integrated speakers providing up to 200 watts of crisp, clean audio combined with rich LED lights that change color with the rhythm of your music. Finally, there’s a solution to the problem of separate light and sound fixtures by combining them both – perfectly. Moonlight Sound is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use whether entertaining at home, for weddings and special events, glamorous nightclubs, luxury residences, four-star resorts, shopping malls, virtually anywhere.

Available as either a hanging pendant globe or a versatile portable globe, Moonlight Sound comes in three output levels: 120 watts, 150 watts and 200 watts and three diameters: 13.75 inches, 21.5 inches and a giant 29.5 inches. Moonlight Sound globes are virtually indestructible, made from a shatterproof polyethylene plastic that’s weatherproof, resists UV light exposure and temperature extremes from 40°F below zero to 170° F. All of the components are safely housed within the globe for protection from harsh elements. The price for Moonlight Sound Speaker Globes is available on request on their website.