The House 108 is designed by H Arquitectes and is located on a sloping hillside in Girona, Spain. The house adapts to its natural setting, following the inclination to the hillside. Still being in one of the most virgin zones of the Brave Coast, the Rosamar urbanization characterizes by a mixture of tipologías of constructions and autoconstrucciones of low architectonic interest and high landscaping impact.

In response, the project has the possibility to carry out the minimum possible ecological track in a parcel with strong slope and thick Mediterranean vegetation. Surroundings that we modified at minimum, as much by the inclined positioning of the house and its consequent reduction of the earthwork, generated laying of foundations and remainders, the maintenance of the vegetation not losing the shaded and fresh existing atmosphere, and finally, by the sensible design of the outer elements – wood stairs following the natural slope and minimum perimeter fence. – Via – Technohaus & Coolboom – Thanks our loyal reader Razvan for helping me with this article.