This piece of bathroom furniture is inspired from the beautiful sea shells, and is called Piude. The Piudue bowl welcomes and mostly enjoys the water. Pinudue is made up of the perfect fusion of horizontal and vertical axes, minimalist forms of the interlocking modules convey a sense of rhythm and equlibrium. Soft natural colors embrace the user as in a cocoon. The 160 cm washbasin unit has two drawers. Its 45 degree angled doors provide an excellent body fit and matt satin chrome handles highlight the form. The 160 cm mirror is an integral part of the design and it has built in pole for mounting the towel rack. Built around horizontal and vertical axes, Piude’s modules emphasize the perfect symmetry and balance of the “plus” sign. The end result is a design that offers personalized, flexible solutions, addressing all your needs in the bathroom space. – Via – Incimutlu