Yes this is true “This Weekend Freshome Was One Step Away from Death” …let me explain.

Saturday morning I just woke up and went online to check my email, the news and the website ( Freshome ), and I was left without words when I saw that on my domain is not there,it was replaced by a spammy page with paid listings. I was shocked. I tried to contact my hosting company via email, and telephone but they didn’t responded to me. The desperation was bigger and bigger. I’ve called a few of my friends and I’ve found that my domain expired and the hosting company didn’t told me nothing to renew it. Meanwhile another company who buys and sells domains wanted to get my domain. After a few hours of insisting I’ve managed to get my domain back, and the blog back up. Now I’ve paid for the domain 3 years in advance so in future I hope I’ll not experience problems like this.

Thank you for listening to me.

P.S – As you might know I’m from Romania and english is not my first language, so if a few spelling errors might appear please excuse me, but I try to do my best.