A few months ago I’ve wrote an article named – Tricks to Keep Your House Cool this Summer and a lot of people commented and liked that article. In this article I’ve presented ways to keep your home cool during the summer but without using an air conditioner. Today I’ve found about a new invention that could be in this article. The Ksd Solar Window from Ecological Innovations is a window that can both heat and cool your home. The KSD-Solar-Diode-Window is the only window construction to address room temperature control and energy saving at the same time in an ingeniously simple way. The innovation is in that center pane. It has heat reflective capabilities, in one direction. Thus, in summer, flip the window with the green side facing out and there is minimal heat gain, reducing the cooling burden. In winter, flip it the other way, and it reduces heat loss (while allowing solar heat gain during the day), reducing the heating load. – Via – Materialicio.us & Leed pro