I know that a lot of people dream to become some kind of designer one day. I also recognize that I dream to become a clothing designer, but is just a dream that someday who knows…. Today for those who want a little inspiration, I’ve asked Susan Serra from Thekitchendesigner to tell us her story, on how she became a kitchen designer. Enjoy !

I think one knows early on in life, what one’s passions are. Those passions can move into interests and work that can last a lifetime and be very fulfilling. At an early age, I was interested in, no, passionate about, working with space in the home.

I enrolled in Parsons School of Design, and along the way, it became clear to me that my strong interest was the design of kitchen spaces.The path toward being a kitchen designer, however, is not a straight path! Training and education can come from several areas and disciplines, and should. Eventually, I became an NKBA member (National Kitchen and Bath Association) and worked my way toward becoming a CKD ( Certified Kitchen Designer )

There is also the school of experience, as nothing can substitute for real, live, clients and their unique needs. Having a mentor also is important. In my case, my experience began with what I call a baptism by fire! Shortly after beginning my NKBA studies, and starting work at a high end kitchen showroom, the store proprietor left to take a job at NKBA’s offices, the next state over, leaving me, inexperienced, to manage the showroom and design kitchens!

My first client (ever) was a cranky, elderly, malpractice attorney with an historically registered home and a big budget! His contractor was equally cranky. Faxing my plans and ideas to my employer saved the day. The kitchen was perfect, and I was on my way!

On my way, through a windy road, to working with a passion, always. To winning awards, lecturing on kitchens, having my work frequently published, to building an online community (the only one) for professional kitchen and bath designers, becoming a go-to-source for editors, AND, becoming acquainted with some of the very best blogs, such as Freshome.com, always on my list for material that will make me happily procrastinate in my work for (unfortunately) long periods of time, looking for new, fresh, ideas!