The Self Cooling Seat Cushion is a furniture accesory that bringing a new level of comfort to

whoever sits on it. The Self Cooling Seat Cushion is a comfortable seat cushion made from natural minerals specifically chosen for their unique cooling properties. Reusable, it automatically self-regenerates (without refrigeration) overnight for the next day’s use. The good thing is that this cushion can be used anywhere even in your car, sofa, etc. The reaction between your body and the natural mineral crystals melting point produces a slow, soothing cooling. The minerals are encased in a closed loop environment so that the cushion maintains its ability to regenerate over and over again. If you are a loyal reader of this blog your might remember the Computer Chair Buying Guide A Step-By-Step Guide. I would like to add this coushin to that guide, because I think you comfort could be improved quite dramatically. – Via – Ubergizmo