Residence Klosterneuburg is a beautiful project designed by Project A01 and is situated in a small town near Vienna.

The site is situated on a slope overlooking the whole valley. The base of the building roughly follows the incline of the slope and is slightly terraced. In keeping with this concept, the ground floor consists of several levels also following the downward slope. These levels divide the lavish loft-like living space into various functional areas, such as the fireplace and the lounge area. The kitchen as well as the dining area- and breakfast terrace are likewise connected to the main living space. Various patios and terraces, as well as a swimming pool, are located around the building and create a seamless connection between the living space indoors and the landscape outdoors. A cantilevered structure is located above the ground floor and houses the private rooms. The steel columns are reduced to a minimum and follow the structural system. A gallery provides access to the library, the guest quarters and the children’s rooms. The master bedroom is located on a further level, half a floor above. There is also a separate bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe. The rooftop terrace offers a grand view over the green valley. The surfaces on the ground floor are made of stone and wood, whereas the upper level has been given a special coating, creating a smooth white box. The garage and the technical rooms, as well as the fitness room, are located in the basement. An underwater window in the fitness room creates interesting insights and lighting situations in the basement.

Via – Coolboom