In the real estate world from US there is a new record for the most expensive property on the market in the US today. This house is on the market for $165 million, and for this huge sum of money you get – 6.5 acres of land that include four houses, an apartment and a cottage for the security staff. The stats here are dazzling: three separate pools, 29 bedrooms, a movie theater and a disco (the main house has just nine bedrooms). The home was built in 1927 for banker Milton Getz and designed by Gordon Kaufmann. Hearst bought for $120,000 in 1947. The LA times reports that the home is currently owned by attorney-investor Leonard M. Ross, who is looking for a “lifestyle change.” Ross bought the home in 1976.

If you had acted fast 20 years ago, when the home was briefly on the market, you could have picked this place up for $25 million. As Curbed LA mentioned the home has been in several movies including The Godfather, The Jerk and The Bodyguard.

Personally I like the home, but I’m aware that a home like this can cost you a lot of money, and you are just a simple human and this is just to big for someone. – Via – Latimes & BBC