Browsing on Amazon today I’ve found these beautiful Shogun Juniper Bonsai at just $34,99. This juniper bonsai will create the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature.

Enjoy the ancient Japanese tradition of Bonsai cultivation with our Shogun Juniper Bonsai. The term ‘bonsai’ literally translated from Japanese means tray planting or tree in pot. The term refers specifically to the training and artistic vision applied to the tree; ultimately this will give the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature. It is more than just a little tree, it is an attempt to represent nature itself in a small pot. Nurturing such a micro-environment over many years can be a wellspring of meditative pleasure. Harmoniously balanced with an ancient piece of granite in a stylish, 7″ cobalt blue ceramic pot. This small tree will do best if it can be placed outdoors, at least during the growing season. Like other conventional bonsai, it needs sun, wind, and rain to approximate the life of a “real” tree.