When you look at this chair you might say “This thing looks like a futuristic dental chair.” – that is true, but this chair is designed this way to enhance your gaming experience, and improve your productivity. The Ergonomics and biomechanics of the human body in relation to the PCE apparatus are optimal and natural. A Hi Tech chair like this might look strange in your room, but once you get past its looks you can enjoy all his benefits ( 4 speaker Surround Sound by Bose – 100 watts, Panoramic Viewing via Dual 21” flat screens with Vibration isolation construction, Ergonomic chair features memory foam cushioning with gel cell inserts, Reclining foot and leg-rest support and elevate the lower legs, improving circulation, Fully adjustable armrests with full neoprene support surfaces for the user result in improved mouse and keyboard use with less injury ).Now if the picture is not enough you can see this chair in 3D from all angles here.Finally the price for this hi tech chair is $6000.Product Page