LumiGram is a French luxury fashion accessories, clothes and decoration items designer. Now the interesting part is their products, high tech clothes & decoration items based on a new Luminous Fabric technology. As you can see from the pictures this Luminous Fabric, based on Fiber Optics, emits a colored light along the full length of the fibers, producing a stunning luminous effect. Unlike other light sources like Neon or LED, the light coming from the Luminous Fabric is subtle and mysterious, allowing to create amazing, stylish and wonderfully original clothes and fashion accessories.

All these products are powered by a low voltage batteries ( 3V or 4.5V ), so there is absolutely no risk of electrical shock.Anytime you can use the on/off button that allows you to control when you want the luminous fabric to be lighted.The fiber optics fabric does not heat up when it is lighted.Until now I’m sure that you’re wondering how you’ll clean them.The Fiber Optics Fabric can be gently hand washed.The batteries must be mandatory removed prior to washing.The Fiber Optics Fabric must not be washed in washing machine, folded (pressed) or dried. – You can see more and maybe buy something from here.