If you dream to live in a Dream Home I want to say to you that now you can because today’s dream home is for rent. But when I say for rent you must be aware that you’ll need some money to be able to rent a Dream House and the price is $35000 per week or 5000$ per day. This is a little expensive for my pocket, but maybe someone here would be interested.Now let’s find something about Mustique Villa and see some pictures.

Situated high above L’Ansecoy Bay, on the North end of the island, and designed by the renowned architect Paolo Piva in 1992, Frangipani with its four acres of immaculate gardens and 7 bedrooms offers unrivaled luxury with unparalleled views. Accommodation includes a 60-foot drawing room overlooking the pool and the Caribbean Sea; seven bedrooms (six ensuite bathrooms); snooker and games rooms; two gazebos ideal for outdoor dining flanking the 18-metre pool. Four vehicles are available for guests. Six permanent staff live on the estate. – You can rent it from here.