This rustic looking studio isn’t your average guest house. Located on a mountain in San Lorenzo, Ibiza, this 200 year old structure was once a stable. The brainchild of Ibiza Interiors and Standard Studio, the interior is at once completely modern, while respectful of its historical past.

Much of the original building was in disrepair after years of neglect, but many pieces were salvaged: the “Sabina beams” on the ceiling are original, as are many of the walls. What could not be restored was replaced with historically appropriate materials: the white chalk plastered walls and iroko window frames were chosen because they are traditional materials in the region, fitting in with the character of the surrounding buildings and the historical atmosphere.

The architects updated the structure with plumbing, electrical, and a septic system, taking it into the 21st century. Solar panels and a private well make this home both self-sufficient and off the grid. The floors are heated, making it comfortable even in winter and adding a touch of luxury to this rustic mountain guest house.