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La Luna by Liana YAROSLAVSKY

The La Luna is one of the most interesting low tables that I’ve ever saw, and it was designed by Liane Yaroslavsky. The tables was inspired by the moon and it is a one of a kind moon-y creation that will light up our living room with elegance that is beyond description. This table is […]

Smoothie Table

If you’ve never had the chance to devour a smoothie, then maybe this creation does not seem as delicious as designer Florent Degourc meant it to be. Originated in America, a smoothie is a healthy drink made up almost entirely out of fruits, sometimes sweetened. This particular project is called “Smooth & Smoothie” and was […]

Lotto Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space

Just a circular table with a strikingly elegant and appealing design at the first glance, Lotto Coffee Table has a hidden advantage. Underneath the circular glass lies a perfectly embedded storage space. Magazines, CD’s, office items like pencils and scissors, there are so many items you can store in this apparently small table. A perfect […]

Table talk: How to buy the right kitchen table

Modern designers are offering millions of delights in terms of gorgeous and stunning kitchen tables, most of which were no where in sight a few years ago. With advent of a whole new material range, the popularity of the ultra-minimalist modern style and shrinking spaces, the kitchen table has changed shape and styles. Here is […]

Fish Table by Pol Quadens

The Fish Table you see above is the work of a talented designer that goes by the name of Pol Quadens. Designed for Corian and made of a thin and shiny white composite material, the fish table doesn’t look much like a fish except for the fact that it reflects light. The modern design also […]

Dining Table That Pops Out of the Closet

I have seen LCD television sets spring to life from underneath beds and even beds fold up themselves into walls, but this is the first time we are witnessing a dining table get folded up into a closet. Designed by James Plant Design, it can b put up and folded into a closet at the […]

Lifestyle Coffee Table by Sara Huston

Artist and furniture maker Sara Huston created this table with an indented space for magazines for those who to display reading materials on their coffee table but keep it neat at the same time. The design is simple, in a few words it can be described as a table with a hole where you can […]

Storable Table Concept

This table from these pictures is just a concept, but a concept that is easy to put into practice. Now this table is supposed to save some space and one of the table legs comes with a L-shaped slot which can be used to hold the basket, in case you need any extra shelf. – […]

Wave Table by Kenneth Cobonpue

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue the Wave Table is a hand made piece of furniture. Hand-finished walnut or mahogany wood pieces are attached together in a graceful and rhythmic pattern to create sculptural tables that seemingly float on the ground.

Modern Mosaic Tables

Mosaics are great additions to home decor, not just for floors and walls but tables. Mosaic tiling on tables is not new but many of those you come across would not suit a contemporary style. So it is delightful to see the work of designer Brad Teasdale, co-founder of Brooklyn Glassworks, NY. He is ” […]

Table with Hexagonal Form and Round Shapes

It’s been a long day at the office, you get home, change into something comfortable and watch the football game. Wouldn’t you want to rest your feet on your new FUKU/TTON table? You’re not allowed on the table? Stephan Wootton designed the FUKU/TTON with a hexagonal structure meant to reduce the living space, and with […]

Stink Coffee Table, A Table That Cracked

The Stink table is designed by Dylan Gold for Link Studios and it is a brilliant conversation piece for those guests that appreciate contrast in modern design. Now I know that a lot of people would say, but is a cracked table, I can’t use it. That’s right that stuff will fall through the cracks […]

George3 Console Table by Gareth Neal

The George3 console table is designed by Gareth Neal, and is a piece of furniture that is quite unique, and can very easily catch your eye. In the same style we presented last year another interesting table by Gareth Neal. The only problem I can see is there will be dust to collect in those […]

Playdate table with Stools a Smart and Simple Design

Designed by Lawson-Fenning for Nurseryworks ( a Los Angeles-based furnishings firm founded by Traci Fleming and Kaye Popofsky Kramer ), the Playdate table + stools is smart, clean and simple design. Great functionality make this table & stool set a perfect playtime addition to any modern space. The design consists of a circular table with […]

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