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Modern And Comfortable Multifunctional Sofa: Pil-low by Redesign

Redesign, the Croatian design studio has recently presented its latest work, a multifunctional sofa, called Pil-low. Undoubtably, Pil-low is a sofa that combines three essential aspects of comfort. It wonderfully brings together special attributes, such as the comfort of a pillow, the benefits of an ergonomic seat and the relaxation provided by a bed. With […]

The Elegant Bookshelf Sofa: Connect by Joan Rojeski

Spotted on Mocoloco, the Connect sofa, designed by Joan Rojeski is a fashionable furniture item that responds to your needs. Watch your favorite TV show or read a good book while relaxing your body on this comfortable sofa. Despite the compact look, it is pretty spacious. The neutral colour allows you to place it anywhere […]

“We Are Family” Sofa for Six

The collaboration between Claus Molgaard (engineer) and Ole Jensen (designer) led to creating this very useful bed set that is suggestively called  “we are family”.  With this one sofa the accommodation of six people is possible. The set comes with plenty of blankets and pillows so there will be no need for extra sheets and […]

The Rolf Benz VERO Comfort Sofa

The only things I need to buy in my apartment are the draperies and a new sofa. You can’t imagine how time consuming that is (unless you had to do it, too) with all those models up there, if you’re a picky customer like me. But things may change today, because I’ve just seen the […]

Furniture that could make your feel dizzy : Hypnose Sofa

Designed by Rafael Simões Miranda the Hypnose Sofa is a really wired piece of furniture, just stare a few seconds at the pictures and you’ll think the same. The Hypnose Sofa was presented at Salone Satellite – Milan 2007 and is a good piece of furniture if you want to attract attention, or make your […]

Mon Couer Minimalist Sofa by La Cividina

The Mon Couer is a stunner of a sofa that will please fans of ultra minimalist furniture. There are no arms, just sweeping curved asymmetrical backs, almost like pieces of pottery or parts of an egg shell. The color of the sofa seats are in stark contrast to the sofa frame adding to its dramatic […]

35 of the Most Unique & Creative Sofa Designs

One of the most important things to do while furnishing your living room is to get good sofa sets. In today’s article we will present 35 of the most interesting & creative sofa designs that you can find on the internet… so let’s begin. 1. The fabric for the Pixel Sofa has been picked up […]

Urban Collection Sofa by Marta Antoszkiewicz

This beautiful Sofa from Urban Collection for now is just a very interesting concept designed by Marta Antoszkiewicz. This is not the first project by Marta presented on this blog, we presented also the Ultra-Functional Bulb Table and Table with Chairs that Saves Space in the Dining Room.This sofa it’s two heat-formed planks and minimal […]

Sofa Bend by Stéphane Perruchon

In a minimalist style, without neglecting the comfort, the Sofa Bend is the latest creation of Stéphane Perruchon. What strikes at first glance it is the contrast between the fine structure formed by a sheet of metal folded and the cushions soft and colorful. Indeed this sofa is composed of a single sheet of metal, […]

Stupid Record : World’s Longest Sofa Record Broken

A few days ago I’ve read an article about how people spend thair lifes, and from that article I’ve came to the conclusion that we must be very careful on how we spend our time, because he never comes back. Just after I’ve finished that article I’ve found this interesting new record …the world’s longest […]

So not your Grandma’s Sofa – Star System Collection

Remember your grandmother’s Chesterfield couch?Old fashioned floral fabric and frills may have put you off but those buttons were a nifty design feature. Well, now you can have your own updated button couch. The Star System of modern sofas shown here were designed by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone and were recently presented at the […]

Do Lo Res Sofa by Ron Arad

“Do Lo Res” sofa is a very creative design by Ron Arad. Do Lo Res is a very up-to-the-minute sofa composed of several soft, square-based cube- or rectangular-shaped units of various heights. The units are arranged in rows to form the shape of the sofa, and fixed to a platform by steel pins. The units […]

The 3 seater Jonque Sofa

Designed by a french company La Maison Coloniale, that specializes in incorporating the concept of ancient pieces and original designs with contemporary lines, the 3 seater Jonque Sofa is a piece that can have a big impact in defining a beautiful interior. With this piece of furniture La Maison Coloniale brings you the splendor of […]

Vitra Sofa Compact with Colorful Horizontal Strips

Designed by Charles and Ray Eames the Vitra Sofa Compact was originally a design intended for their own house in California, but finally went into series production. Unusually high and divided into two horizontal strips, the backrest lends the sofa an interesting profile and clearly sets it apart from the weightiness of traditional sofas. The […]

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