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Uniquely Tailored Home in Minnehaha Park by Quartersawn

Quartersawn, a design and house remodeling company based in Minneapolis, presented this uniquely tailored home in Minnehaha Park. With a lively interior and an impeccable clean-lined façade, the space feels modern, fresh and functional. It was completely adapted to the needs of the owners, who initially approached Jeff Nicholson (Quartersawn) about renovating their existing house. After […]

Emotion Versus Reason: Private Penthouse in Turin by Uda Architetti

Ufficio di Architettura known as UdA has recently completed this private penthouse apartment in Turin, highlighting the ideal match between emotion and reason. The flat, located on the roof of a former industrial unit recently transformed into a residential building, boasts a coherent structure and a clean lined interior. The property, belonging to a young couple, […]

Impressive Modern Design Exhibited by Peninsula House in California

The Peninsula House in Long Beach, California by LeMaster Architects displays an original modern architecture and a compact shape. The concept for this single family residence “hinges on the relationship between three intersecting volumes and a base. The primary volume consists of an exterior cladding system that wraps the south elevation. Two secondary volumes are […]

New-Build Penthouse in London Exuding Spontaneity and Colour

We’ve spotted an interesting penthouse in London (we’re more than sure that you will totally love it), located in a historic Edwardian building, near London’s financial district, on the Leman Street. London is one of the most exciting European cities, always expanding, a cluster of new ideas and a land of opportunities. Its exquisite sophistication, the fog […]

House Redesigned to Integrate into the Surrounding Site in Silleda, Spain

The Spanish firm terceroderecha arquitectos redesigned the house of a family in Silleda, Spain and transformed it into a comfortable and balanced living environment. The client’s request was to integrate it seamlessly into the surrounding site and not simply rebuild it from scratch in a modern manner, but establishing a dialogue between the past and present. He […]

Uplifting New Design Enhancing the Feeling of Space: Westgate Residence, Brentwood

The Westgate Residence is a 1948 house located in Brentwood (California), recently renovated by Kurt Krueger Architect, a design centered architectural practice based in Los Angeles. The owners, a retired couple wanted a place that disconnects them from the past and connects them to the modern lifestyle. The impeccable new uplifting design is like a breath of fresh […]

The House With a Japanese Maple Tree in Melbourne by Andrew Maynard

One of the Australia’s brightest architects, Andrew Maynardan, designed this elegant and compact single-family residence located on the Moor Street, in Fitzroy (one of Melbourne’s suburbs). The new house, kept some of its old characteristics, such as the street façade, the original brick terrace and an old Japanese maple tree (located in the courtyard). Andrew’s projects are […]

Elegant All-White Home Surrounded by Green Space in Parede, Portugal

 Humberto Conde has recently completed the Parede 11 project, a modern residence located in the countryside, in Portugal. The exquisite home, which seems a little bit “cramped” by other traditional dwellings surrounding it, was smartly built to enhance the feeling of space. Before building it, there were the following notes, worth paying attention to: “The new […]

Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Located on a plot of land in Molina, one of the upscale districts that comprise the city of Lima (Peru), Casa Cachalotes is an interesting residential project characterised by openness, transparency and joyfulness. The two-storey house, completed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix in 2010, is surrounded by an area studded with lush vegetation. A maze of greenery surrounds the house and moreover, […]

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean: Breathtaking Beach House by Aamodt Plumb Architects

An hour and a half away from Manhattan, there lies this spectacular dream home, called the Beach House. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the house is a place dedicated to relaxation, a sanctuary for the body, mind and soul. It relaxes, disconnects, protects and definitely inspires. Located on a narrow barrier island on the south shore of Long […]

House by the Lake Incorporating Modern Elements of Design in Austria

A home is the only place where you feel in peace with the world, no matter what your brain and heart dictate you. It’s the place that (metaphorically) whispers: “Keep calm and have a break. Relax and enjoy the small things in life”. A home is more than just a regular house. A home is […]

Enhancing the Feeling of Space: The Cresta Residence Designed by Jonathan Segal FAIA

There are those who say that “Less is more” and then, there are those who express their dissatisfaction and state that “Less is never more—less is obviously less. Who wants less?” The Cresta is an outstanding residential project designed by Jonathan Segal FAIA in San Diego, in the Lower Hermosa region of La Jolla, California, […]

Warm and Inviting House in New Zealand Placed in a Breathtaking Landscape

Located in Nelson, New Zealand, the Evill House is a residential project designed and projected by Studio Pacific Architecture, a firm that has evolved into an award-winning substantial and creative practice, due to its substantial projects throughout the entire country. Evill House is located nearby the Waimea River, so the plan was from the very beginning […]

Creative Architectural Principles Neatly Displayed: Gap Residence in Brisbane

The Gap is a house that displays many creative architectural principles, designed by Guymer|Bailey Architects, in Brisbane, Australia. Structured on two levels, the Gap was envisioned as a house that relaxes its inhabitants and recharges them with energy. Glass panels replace some of the walling, allowing the sun to flood the interior with warmth. The result: […]

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