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Dice Lamp- Play On!

If you enjoy a good game of Backgammon, Monopoly, if you like casinos, if you are a fan of Caesar’s and his historic sayings or simply just enjoy the idea of dices in design, this lamp will seem like a great idea. We surely enjoyed it, which is why we would like to share it […]

Light Box by Studio Jo Meesters

Some people don’t pay enough attention to their home interiors, especially when it comes to lamps or lighting — sometimes mainly because there aren’t enough good options to choose from. But that changes right when you see these gorgeous floor lamps that do great as a glowing room divider. Attractively crafted in wood by Dutch […]

40 of The Most Creative Lamp Designs Ever

We all know that one of the easiest ways you have to light a dark corner in any room or add some atmospheric lighting to your living-room area, is to place your choice of lamp. With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps constitute one of the most convenient methods one has to […]

Cube Lamp for Geometric Lighting

Drama, lights, action!! Ricardo Garza Marco’s Cube Lamp or Lámpara Cubo sets the stage for dramatic lighting. Imagine your next party with these lamps aligned on the walls of your living space. The lamps themselves are starkly simple but they let out light from slits on all the sides. When arranged as a set, the emitted […]

Kaleidoscope Lamp by Dodo Arslan

Remember those kaleidoscopes you had as a child? The lovely patterns formed in sections when you turned the end cap. Mirrors just multiply the coloured pieces. So it is with the Kaleidoscope Lamp by Italian based designer, Dodo Arslan. This table lamp only needs three light bulbs and the clever pyramidal shape makes it seem […]

Cloned Eyeball Lamps To Watch Over You

Have you ever had the feeling that somebody is watching you? Well, you can definitely get that feeling with these lamps by a French Design Group called 5.5 Designers. These designers are into object cloning which to no one’s surprise was inspired by medical cloning technology. They offer a custom lamp service where they make […]

Adjustable LED Desk Lamp : Chain Lamp

If you are looking for a really cool lamp for your desk, then the Chain Lamp designed by Iliara Marelli for Nemo Italianaluce might be what you’re looking for. Made from case aluminum and lit by 4 bright white (1-watt) LEDs, its articulating body folds flat to form an accent light when you’re not using […]

The Penta Pendant Lamp

With a versatile and attractive design, the Penta lamp is a striking concept created by Luca Casarotto of Cosca Design in Northern Italy. Made of recycled polyethylene, with a shape that suggests rotary motion, the Penta Lamp is innovative for to dynamically change its shape and create the optimum lighting for your mood. Open it […]

Clothes Hanger Lamp by Hector Serrano

Hector Serrano designed this clever clothes hanger lamp which has two functions. It lights up your room or even closet as well as keeps your shirt unwrinkled, perhaps the one you plan to wear the next day. When you wake up some dull morning, the lamp will not only softly illuminate the room but will […]

Two Clever Clear Lighting Solutions For Your Home

Clear lamps are great because they can blend so easily with any color scheme. But won’t it be even better if they could also help you solve organizational problems in your home at the same time? Like misplaced magazines and books. If you’ve been spending too much time hunting for that book you were reading, […]

Lamp Made from 315 Table Tennis Balls

I like to play Ping Pong, and I remember that a few years ago I’ve spent a lot of time playing Ping Pong every day. Today someone thought to gather a lot of table tennis balls, and create a product. Designer Diaz Kleefstra took 315 standard 40 mm celluloid table tennis balls and created a […]

Shelves with Lights for a Modern Decor

YET is a modular wall lamp from Foscarini, satin painted polycarbonate diffuser which doubles up as a shelf, that can carry a small load of accessories or a couple of books. The YET wall lamp is another product that serve a dual purpose. The lamp is available in yellow, orange, gray and white to add […]

Customized Lights to Decorate Your Home

Jon Heller from Happycatlights sent me an email to present his little personalized lamps business that he and his wife started. Happycatlights produces desk lamps that are 8x8x4 light boxes, made of a sturdy white plastic that gives off a warm glow from the bulb inside. What makes these lamps unique is the hand-carved design […]

Honeycomb Lamp

Created by the Japanese Kyouei Design Studio, the lamp “Honeycomb” is entirely made of paper “denguri“, a product of the Shikoku region from Japan, which is unique in effect and create a lantern that is only 2 cm thick when is packaged for delivery. The delicate design opens like a book into a honeycomb pattern […]

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