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Interview : Exciting Eco-Friendly Contemporary Garden Rooms By The English Designer Ben Lord

One of the strongest trends nowadays, in the world of design, focuses on sustainability. I find it very curious and exciting to see the world more engaged towards  environmentally-friendly approaches. The designers’ attempt to establish a proper dialogue between man and the environment is also gratifying. We had a few talks with the British designer, Ben Lord from Pod […]

Balancing Architecture And Family Life With Life of An Architect’s Bob Borson

Texas-based Bob Borson of Life of an architect gives the impression of being an architect of dreams, sprinkled with solution-finding features and topped off with humorous statements that simply make you think twice about all the harsh things said about this profession. There is no way you will not become a fan of his style […]

Exquisite Hand-Knitted Furnishings by Melanie Porter

This time last year on Freshome, we wrote about the trend for knitting and crochet in interior design and we are happy to report that the trend is still going strong. What was once considered to be an old fashioned past-time reserved for grandmas has become increasingly popular in recent years as younger generations have rediscovered […]

Interview: The Secrets to a Successul Alliance in the World of Design

Christine Meyer-Eaglestone is a contemporary marquetry artist. Chris Tribe is a highly skilled furniture designer maker who has exhibited nationwide. They are currently collaborating on a series of furniture entitled Opposites, a range of high-end, one-off, exciting furniture that is instantly recognizable, compelling and unforgettable. Circles & Stripes is the first in the series. How […]

How to Design Restaurants & Bars that Enhance the Customer Experience

Here at Freshome, we particularly love looking deeper into the design of residential architecture and interiors but just occasionally we also get curious about other areas of design, such as hospitality design. What makes a great restaurant or bar? How do you ensure that the customers will have a great experience and want to return […]

Creating Unforgettable Modern Living Spaces With Melissa Collison

A dash of glamor, an inspiring choice in rugs, colors lighting up the atmosphere – this is how I can describe Melissa Collison‘s portfolio of unique interiors. Mixing different decorative and functional items from all over the world into an unforgettable cluster of spaces, the Sydney-based interior designer creates luxurious modern spaces where her clients […]

Giles Miller Surface Design: Using Texture and Reflection as a Means of Illustration

London-based design practice, Giles Miller Studio, has built a reputation for creating innovative surface, interior and retail design projects that are both playful and experimental. The studio prides itself on the ability to deliver a diverse range of solutions that marry architecture with beautiful interior finish by way of original and inspiring surface development. Here […]

How To Make Your Pet Comfortable In A Modern Home – Kooldog Interview

Indulging your pet ranks high up for those who consider their favorite animal a part of the family. Offering the family dog a place to feel safe that is in perfect harmony with the surrounding space led to the design and construction of modern Kooldog houses. Meant to be enjoyed by dogs living in urban […]

How to Transform Your Strongest Passion Into a Way of Living with Olga Oreshyna

Olga Oreshyna is one of the few people that managed to transform her passion into a way of life. Our hero of the day defines herself as a Canadian emerging Artist who is deeply passionate about woodworking. Her works consist of giving a second life to abandoned pieces of wood. The result? Original decorative panels, […]

How To Design Simple, Versatile And Functional Furniture With Gerard de Hoop

Gerard de Hoop is an independent designer and interior architect living and working in Groningen, the Netherlands. His passion gives life to versatile pieces of furniture created to suit a modern lifestyle. The first thing I noticed about Gerard was his unobstructed attention to details. The interview is punctuated with examples and images that illustrate […]

Creating a Happy, Healthy & Harmonious Home Using Feng Shui Interior Design

As many of you will be aware, Feng Shui is the study and analysis of the interaction between people, buildings and the environment, and can be used to enhance our quality of life. According to Feng Shui experts, the atmosphere, or chi, of a building and its close surroundings have an influence upon our life […]

Sharing Luxury Organizing Secrets with Celebrity Organizer, Melanie Fascitelli

If you are trying to organize yourself for the new year, what better place to start than your closets? Closet organization is key to getting your whole wardrobe and yourself ready to take on rest of the year! Did you ever wonder what the closets of your favorite celebrities look like? Whether they have the […]

How to Use Pattern and Colour Courageously in Interior Design [VIDEO]

Choosing what colours, patterns, materials and textures to put together to create an interior design scheme that looks and feels good may not be too taxing, but throw bright, bold colours and large-scale pattern into the mix and many people at this point will recoil slightly in hesitation. Decorating with muted colour palettes and inconspicuous […]

Interview: Designing a Chair Made of Sugar with Pieter Brenner

Pieter Brenner thinks of himself as a “German designer”, even though his childhood was spent in Amsterdam. Focusing on the premium segment of design,  Brenner’s projects are said to be characterized by a careful research of design-history and an interest for clearness. One of his recent designs, The Sugarchair, caught our attention due to its […]

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