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10 Easy Design Touches for your Master Bathroom

In recent years, master bathrooms have gained a reputation for being increasingly luxurious. However, the bathroom remodels needed to create these relaxing retreats are often long and expensive. But, they don’t need to be. Take a look at some easy design touches that will leave your master bath feeling like new with little effort.  1. Refresh […]

TV Unit With a Futuristic Design by Erhan Afsaroglu

“Melting Point” is the latest addition to Prestige Group‘s portfolio, a domestic furniture design and manufacturing firm in North Cyprus. Designed by Erhan Afsaroglu, this tv unit is inspired by a drop of water before it falls from a surface. It demonstrates a skillful construction method using LG Hi-macs to create a smooth piece with […]

England Lake House Maximizing Its Privileged Location

We ran across this delightful modern home in Gloucestershire, a county in South West England. The project impresses due to its dreamy surrounding landscape and original design. The architecture of The Lake House maximizes its privileged location, blurring the indoor-outdoor boundaries. With a lovely wooden facade, the house is visually integrated in its environment and […]

Kardashian Sisters About to Launch a Home Products Collection

The popular Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian already have a multimillion-dollar fashion empire, dealing with clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry and sunglasses. Recently, we found out they wish to embark on another quest, which is creating various home products. “Kardashian Kollection Home” is the name to be used for the new line of objects, according to […]

Contemporary Building Hosting Two Functionally Separate Homes in Ottawa

The Front to Back Infill is a complex modern project located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and designed by studio Colizza Bruni Architecture. It consists of two homes filled with light, each designed by a different architect and blended in a three-story contemporary residence. Instead of choosing to place the homes side by side, the functionally […]

Mid-Century Ranch Remodel and Expansion: The Bal Residence

The Bal Residence was designed by Berkeley-based studio Terry & Terry Architecture and is a mesmerizing wooden home, a result of a mid-century ranch remodel and expansion. The house occupies an area of 2,000 square feet and is located in Menlo Park, California, USA. According to the architects, the project was envisioned for a retired couple […]

Why We Love The Art of Carpenting [Short Film]

“A carpenter is a skilled craftspersons who works with timber to construct, install and maintain buildings, furniture and other objects“. This may seem like a lifeless definition for a job that is otherwise full of challenges, ingenuity and sometimes a great deal of passion. “The Carpenter” is an exquisite short film created by Greek design […]

Lined Up in a Romantic Way: Comete Jewelry Store in Milan

We received some photos of the original Comete jewelry store from Studio Apostoli, a company also working in the field of concept design. The project is located in Milan, Italy, and focuses on senses and emotions dealt with in a practical way . Here is more from the press release we were sent: “The idea […]

Physalia, A Huge Amphibious Garden Cleaning Waters Across Europe

From Vincent Callebaut Architects, this impressive project is meant to navigate through the rivers in Europe in order to clean water and make it drinkable. Its name comes from “Physalia physalis”, meaning “water bubble”. It is a project whose idea came from a major global issue which is the fact that one billion people nowadays […]

Pillows With Unusual Printings for Chair Upgraders

Today we would like to present yet another unusual design idea. When in doubt, use cool printed pillows. In the images below you have a series of creative chair back patterns in order to complement your existing furniture. We like this idea simply because it does not comply to the idea of an ordinary pillow […]

Rechargeable Portable Fridge : Neff

This fantastic design comes from Stefan Ulrich and is in fact an out-of-the-box idea on reducing the energy used by your household. The designer explains that a normal fridge consumes over 21% of the total energy in an apartment, which is an impressive figure. “Neff” comes with a new approach. These small fridges can be […]

Transparence and Style- New Frameless Shower from Sprinz

Sprinz is a German company that reunites some very interesting bathroom items, all created with elegance and function in mind. The BS-Frameless shower is made from top of the class materials and its complete transparecy makes it easily adaptable to any kind of bathroom interior. It could be what you are looking for in case […]

Portable Workstations Brought Together in a Swiss Table

Business waiting  rooms with huge tables and chairs that occupy a lot of space can be made history with this small and ingenious design.  The Swiss Table is a concept from Brazilian designer Paulo and combines function with design creativity. Although it was inspired by Swiss cheese, the table does not make one think about  […]

Lotto Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space

Just a circular table with a strikingly elegant and appealing design at the first glance, Lotto Coffee Table has a hidden advantage. Underneath the circular glass lies a perfectly embedded storage space. Magazines, CD’s, office items like pencils and scissors, there are so many items you can store in this apparently small table. A perfect […]

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