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Tudor-Style Home in Seattle Gets a Bold Modern Rear Facade

This Tudor-style home in Seattle, Washington, USA initially built in the 1930s has been upgraded with a modern rear facade. The project team at Workshop AD explained: “Given the clients goals for cleanly detailed spaces oriented to the northern view of the Ship Canal, the rear facade of the existing house was blown open and […]

Whimsical Blend of Modern and Traditional Design: Equestrian Club Residence

Completed by Krista Watterworth Design Studio, this stylish family residence in Wellington, Florida, United States inspires harmony throughout. The Equestrian Club project borrows its name from the local passion for horseback riding: “The homeowner, whose daughter is quite the skilled competitor, decided to purchase a home in Wellington to immerse her daughter in its equestrian culture. […]

Simple Geometry Revealing A Complex Interior Scheme: Teh House in Seattle

Floisand Studio completed Teh House, a private residence in Seattle, Washington, USA. As you can see in the photos below, the exterior of the building displays a simple geometry, with two rectangular volumes placed one on top of the other in a black&white color interaction. The lower level protrudes inside the street-facing courtyard, hinting the existence […]

Modern U-Shaped Residence Built Around a Central Leisure Courtyard

Envisioned by Dumican Mosey / Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders in Menlo Park, California, this contemporary house displays a simple geometry. The U-shaped project is built around an impressive lounge area, with plenty of outdoor furniture and swimming pool. A harmonious mix of glass and wood defines the exterior design approach, subtly complemented by the dense neighboring […]

Rectangular-Shaped Contemporary House Exuding Transparence in Brazil

DOMO Arquitetos completed this year, the Linhares Dias House, in populous city of Brasilia. Overlooking the Paranoa Lake, this neat contemporary home is a wonderful relaxing shelter, that offers some of the most amazing views, as the sun gets swallowed by the lake’s crystal clear waters. The rooms are compartmented, yet the environment feels uncluttered. Exuding transparence, […]

A Better Version of an L-Shaped Villa Hovering Above the Garden in Austria

When Villa S was bought, the clients were almost sure that they didn’t want to spend their lives in an environment that did not inspire them. A home is all about feeling comfortable and safe. A wise man once said that home is where the heart is. So, it’s a matter of feelings and harmony. […]

The Perfect Balanced Home: Southlands Residence Surrounded by Lush Vegetation in Vancouver

Some of the best living spaces, the homes we cherish and preserve as shelters that bring us peace and tranquility, are the ones that exhale life and brightness. When a home is located nearby a maze of greenery, the inhabitants instantly feel the (positive) effect of it. It’s “hard to resist” its charms. The more […]

Compact Elegant House With Volumes and Irregularities by Habitat Studio & Workshop

BoJo is a compact, elegant home that wraps itself around you. Displaying different tones of earthy colours, it exudes warmth and coziness. Most of the times, these specific elements are exactly the enchanting magic elements that have the ability to transform a regular place into a home. After all, isn’t this what we all want? […]

Zen House With a Staggering View Over the Old City in Dubvroknic

House U is a project designed in Dubrovnik, Croatia to meet the expectations of the clients, a couple, their adult children and their families. Spacious and functional, House U is divided in two different living areas, one for the parents and another (accommodating two apartments) for the children. Designed by 3LHD, a collaborative architectural studio, particularly […]

Playful and Hallucinating House With a Sense of Vertical Depth in South Korea

Envisioned as a playground for grownups, the Conan Play House is (as the name already suggests it) very playful, vivid and full of colour. The idea of a house that allows you to express yourself in a manner that reminds you of childhood came to the architect, which considers himself very playful and after meeting […]

Daring Geometry: Black And White House in Kent Sliced Up Into Irregular Shapes

Spotted on Dezeen, Trish House is a residential project designed by the British architect, Matthew Heywood, in Kent, England. The project features an intriguing façade, adorned with sliced up irregular black and white shapes. When asked about the geometric playfulness, the architect replied: “Large expanses of glass fill the gaps between the structure and allow you to […]

Stylish Updated House Inspiring Tranquility and Order in Merricks North, Australia

A relaxed environment has the power to influence your mood in a positive way. If the house you live in exhales tranquility and relaxation, if it makes you feel comfortable and blissful, if it looks bright, uncluttered and lively, then that house is a true home, warm and welcoming and no matter where you end […]

Gorgeous Modern Residence Displaying a Interesting Asymmetrical Facade in Sydney

Waverley Residence is a home with an intriguing exterior, boasting irregular shapes and details, in order to stand out and make an impression on whoever ends up seeing it. Located in Waverley, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, this exciting project was designed by Anderson Architecture to meet the expectations of the clients who were in […]

The House With “Wow” Effect: The Serpentine Nearby the Ocean by Turner

There are regular homes and there are homes that reject the idea of regular. The Serpentine is one of those projects with “wow” effect, that stand out and surprise you with a complex design line and a flawless execution. This project was designed by Turner, in Bilgola, NSW, Australia, nearby the ocean, to meet the […]

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